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december 2011
Atlantic Ocean - Paramaribo
2011 December 22, Christmas in Suriname.
november 2011
Atlantic Ocean - Cape Verde - Atlantic Ocean
2011 November 25, Crossing to Cape Verdes, exploring the islands of the Cape Verdes.
oktober 2011
lsla Gran Canaria - Atlantic Ocean
2011 Oktober 24, Still in the Canary Islands, we visit the beautiful Island of La Palma.
september 2011
lsla Lanzarote - lsla Gran Canaria
2011 September 30, Sailing through the Canary Islands.
august 2011
Ilha Culatra - lsla Lanzarote
2011 August 30, Start sailing to Madeira and The Canary Islands.
2011 August 04, Still in Portugal, having friends onboard.
juli 2011
Ilha Culatra - Rio Guadiana - Ilha Culatra
2011 July 01, From Ria Formosa to Rio Guadiana river back to Ria Formosa.
juni 2011
Ilha Culatra - Ilha Culatra
2011 June 02, Sailing in the Algarve and on the Guadiana rivier.
mei 2011
Ilha Culatra
2011 May 03, In Portugal, short trip to Holland and back to Portugal.
april 2011
Faro - Ilha Culatra
2011 April 03, Leaving Bonaire, back to SY JoHo in Portugal.
2011 Januari 06, Last months of 2010 in Bonaire.
2010 Oktober 15, Nautical events in Holland.
juni 2010
Nederland - Duitsland - Nederland
2010 Juni 07, Said goodbye to Bonaire and flew back to the Netherlands.
mei 2010
Bonaire - Nederland
2010 May 05, We made a backpack trip to Ecuador.
april 2010
Bonaire - Ecuador - Bonaire
2010 April 01, Diving, meeting old friends again and dog guests.
maart 2010
2010 March 11, Life on Bonaire.
februari 2010
Bonaire - Nederland - Bonaire
2010 Februari 02, Exploring Bonaire, John's parents came for three weeks holiday.
januari 2010
2010 Januari 02, Happy New Year from Bonaire.
december 2009
2009 December 12, JoHo on the hard in Portugal.
november 2009
Ayamonte - Faro
2009 November 06, Back to JoHo.
oktober 2009
2009 October 17, Guadiana River by boat, by plane to Holland.
september 2009
Olhao - Ayamonte
2009 August 30, Last ocean crossing, back on the main land of Europe.
augustus 2009
Horta - Olhao
2009 July 31, By ferry to Sao Miguel, had a great time together with mum and dad Hoedemakers.
juli 2009
2009 July 01, Crossing From Bermuda to Horta.
juni 2009
St George - Horta
2009 June 01,Crossing from Florida to Bermuda.
mei 2009
Stuart - St George
2009 May 01, A trip on the Okeechobee Waterway.
april 2009
Moore Haven - Stuart
2009 April 13, Preparing for our journey to JoHo.
2008 December 20, Happy New Year and update of our plans.
2008 June 30, Our neighborhood in Holland.
2008 May 03, Back in the Netherlands, cleaning up the house and get a new routine again.
april 2008
San Carlos Bay - Moore Haven
2008 April 01, From check-in into the US in Miami to Fort Meyers in 4 days of beautiful sailing!
maart 2008
George Town - San Carlos Bay
2008 March 17, Met Slapdash again in Georgetown, boy we had fun. They go on but we'll meet again!
2008 March 01, Slowly back to George Town, a busting regatta experience.
februari 2008
West Bay - George Town
2008 February 24, Down in the Bahamas, through the Exumas..... and back again with stormdamage.
januari 2008
Miami - West Bay
2008 February 01, Mum and Dad disembark, we get a watermaker, freezer and go to the Bahamas again.
december 2007
Vero Beach - Miami
2007 December 31, Mum and Dad on board of JoHo.
2007 December 03, Working the boat to receive Mum and Dad later this year.
november 2007
Vero Beach
2007 November 15, Goodbye to a dear old pet. Storno died in Vero Beach.
oktober 2007
West Palm Beach - Vero Beach
2007 November 02, On the dock in Vero Beach USA.
september 2007
Nassau - West Palm Beach
2007 October 01, We made it to the USA.
augustus 2007
Hog Cay - Nassau
2007 August 29, Working to improve and enhance our vessel up to standards.
juli 2007
Hog Cay
juni 2007
West Palm Beach - Hog Cay
april 2007
maart 2007
BaieLazare - Dzaoudzi
februari 2007
Indische Oceaan - Baie Lazare
2007 February 28, Seychelles, another place never to forget.
januari 2007
Ile Boddam - Indische Oceaan
2007 February 10, Well, that's a sailors' paradise. Six weeks back-to-basic in Chagos islands, beautiful.
december 2006
Kudhekeleihutta - Ile Boddam
2006 December 3, Leaving Maldives, a place we surely learned to love.
november 2006
Male - Kudhekeleihutta
2006 October 30, Arrival in Male, extending our visit in paradise.
oktober 2006
Indian Ocean - Male
2006 October 6, In paradise at last..... :-)
september 2006
Netherlands - Indian Ocean
2006 September 8, A long trip to the boat, finding it wrecked by the monsoon season. Sailing to paradise.
augustus 2006
2006 August 2, We said goodbye to good friends and changed our plans a bit....
juli 2006
Netherlands - Tour through Europe
2006 June 27, We did have a wonderfull time with our friends of the Tanami.
juni 2006
Netherlands - Tour through Europe
2006 June 4, About feeling betrayed and belied. Friendship is an illusion, it turns out ones again.
mei 2006
Panjim - Netherlands
2006 May 2, The last lap to India and the loss of a dear pet.
april 2006
Salalah - Bombay - Panjim
2006 April 6, Through the Gulf of Aden, 'pirate alley" to Salalah.
maart 2006
Ras Terma - Aden - Salalah
2006 March 19, Beautiful Aden and the terror of the Red Sea.
2006 March 12, Alive and well in Aden and with mixed feelings we say goodbye to the Red Sea.
2006 Februari 21, Computer crashed, Thalassa almost sunk, rough ride in the Red Sea.
februari 2006
Port Ghalib Marina - Ras Terma
2006 January 24, Much sailing in a choppy wild sea from Eilat down the gulf of Aquaba to Port Ghalib.
januari 2006
Eilat - Port Ghalib Marina and to Sudan
2006 January 3, Just before leaving Eilat we wrote of our experiences in the top of the Aquaba Gulf.
december 2005
Sharm El Sheikh - Eilat
2005 December 20, Diving in Sharm El Sheikh and bad weather on the way to Jordan.
2005 December 2,Suez Canal transit down to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
november 2005
Finike - Suezkanaal - Sharm El Sheikh
2005 November 7, Arrival in Port Said.
2005 October 29, Start of our Vasco da Gama Yacht Rally 2005-2006 in Finike.
oktober 2005
rondje Finike - Kekova - Finike
2005 October 6, On our way to rally-gathering-point 'Kekova Roads'.
september 2005
van Marmaris naar Finike
2005 September 5, The Netherlands by car, 3600km flying low and back to the boat flying by plane again.
augustus 2005
van Amorgos naar Marmaris
2005 August 15, Back in Marmaris, Turkey.
2005 August 8, A full month of cruising in Greece and Turkey.
juli 2005
van Gaidharos naar Amorgos
2005 July 10, Cruising in Turkey and Greece, visiting known and new grounds.
juni 2005
van Kalkan naar Gaidharos
2005 June 6, New harddrive, but weeks set back in the virtual world.....
2005 June 3, Finally an update, and now computers' harddrive clicks and rattles...... :-(
mei 2005
van Finike naar Kalkan baai
2005 May, 2 Work almost done, but not really as it appears.
april 2005
Finike Turkije
2005 April 18, Hard work to get a 'new' boat.
maart 2005
van Nederland naar Finike
2005 April 4, Trip to and arrival in Finike, Turkey.
2005 March 25, Last day in the Netherlands.
2005 March 15, Preparing our depart.
aug.2002 - feb.2005
werkstop in Nederland, boot in Finike
2005 February 4, Planning of depart in final stage, preparations go as planned.
2005 January 10, In the proces of planning and arranging things, to make 2005 a good cruising year.
2004 November 22, We've managed to complete our site, we're going to set up a rally from Turky to India.
2004 October 21, First logged news, site up and running. This'll be the way to keep everyone informed
juli 2002
van Haifa (Israel) naar Finike (Turkije)
juni 2002
van Jounieh (Libanon) naar Haifa (Israel)
mei 2002
van Kusadasi (Turkije) naar Jounieh (Libanon)
april 2002
van Istanbul (Turkije) naar Kusadasi (Turkije)
maart 2002
van Bodrum (Turkije) naar Istanbul (Turkije)
februari 2002
van Rhodos Stad (Rhodos) naar Bodrum (Turkije)
januari 2002
van Chania (Kreta) naar Rhodos Stad (Rhodos)
december 2001
van Kalamata (Griekenland) naar Chania (Kreta)
november 2001
van Methoni (Griekenland naar Kalamata (Griekenland)
oktober 2001
van Valletta (Malta) naar Methoni (Griekenland)
september 2001
van Barcelona (Spanje) naar  Valletta (Malta)
augustus 2001
van Isla Canela (Spanje naar Barcelona (Spanje)
juli 2001
van Ria Ribadeo (Spanje) naar Isla Canela (Spanje)
juni 2001
van Guernsey (Kanaaleilanden) naar Ria Ribadeo (Spanje)
mei 2001
van Lauwersmeer naar Guernsey (Kanaaleilanden)
mei 2000 - april 2001
van Kralendijk (Bonaire, Antillen) naar Lauwersmeer (Groningen)

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