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januari-juni 2016 The Netherlands 2017 January 09, our life goes on, JoHo is still in Florida.
oktober-december 2016 The Netherlands 2016 October 01, our life in The Netherlands, JoHo is still in Florida.
juni-september 2016 The Netherlands 2016 June 15, putting JoHo on the hardstanding and enjoy little Holiday in Florida before flying back to the Netherlands.
mei 2016 USA - The Netherlands 2016 May 01, Staying in Florida and going slowly north on the ICW.
april 2016 USA 2016 April 04, goodbye Bahamas, hello United States.
maart 2016 Bahamas - USA 2016 March 03, sailing through the Abaco's.
februari 2016 Bahamas 2016 Febuary 03, staying mainly in Marsh Harbour due weather.
januari 2016 Bahamas 2016 January 04, Leaving the USA. Sailing to the Abacos in the Bahamas.
december 2015 USA - Bahamas 2016 December 03, Back to Florida.
      2015 December 20, Merry Christmas 2015.
november 2015 USA 2015 November 01, Through the Chesapeake to the ICW. Annapolis boatshow and the AICW to the Outerbanks.
oktober 2015 USA 2015 October 04, The Netherlands, DR and flying back to Toms River. Leaving again with JoHo.
september 2015 USA 2015 September 03, after New York we park JoHo in Toms River. Flying to The Netherlands.
augustus 2015 USA 2015 August 03, 4th of july in Philly, sailing up North to New York city.
juli 2015 USA 2015 July 02 with our boat in Washington DC, Chesapeake and up the Delaware River .
juni 2015 USA 2015 June 04, Exploring a new area, the east Coast of the US.
mei 2015 USA 2015 May 01, going slowly up North on the ICW.
april 2015 Bahamas - USA 2015 April 04, back in the Bahamas and enjoying the company of old and new friends.
maart 2015 USA - Bahamas 2015 March 03, going down the ICW to Miami.
februari 2015 USA 2015 February 02, going slowly down from Jacksonville on the St John's river and ICW.
januari 2015 USA 2015 January 01, new years wish.
juli - september 2014 The Netherlands 2014 July 11, Leaving JoHo behind on the hardstanding in Florida and flying back to The Netherlands.
juni 2014 USA 2014 June 01, Leaving Bahamas, back in the USA after 7 years.
mei 2014 Bahamas - USA 2014 May 04, sailing through Turks & Caicos and Bahamas.
april 2014 Puerto Rico - Bahamas 2014 April 01, Leaving St Martin and our friends, sailing to Puerto Rico and explore this island.
maart 2014 St Martin - Puerto Rico 2014 March 01, staying in St Martin with our friends and enjoying this island.
februari 2014 St Martin 2014 February 03, exploring Anguilla and Saba. Sailing back to St Martin.
januari 2014 St Martin 2014 January 06, maintain the inside. Friends from Aruba arrive on JoHo for 2 weeks Holiday.
december 2013 St Martin 2013 December 01, slowly up from Martinique to St Martin.
    St Martin 2013 December 24, happy holidays from JoHo.
november 2013 Martinique - Guadeloupe 2013 November 03, sailing to Martinique, flying to the Netherlands and back.
oktober 2013 Grenada - Martinique 2013 October 01, maintain our JoHo in Grenada.
september 2013 Grenada 2013 September 01, Staying in Grenada for Hurricane season.
augustus 2013 Grenada 2013 August 01, sailing in Grenada and it's islands.
juli 2013 The Grenadines - Grenada 2013 July 01, exploring Dominica with Pat & Darnell and enjoying the cruisers life in the Grenadines.
juni 2013 Guadeloupe - The Grendines 2013 June 04, slowing going south for huricane season.
mei 2013 St Martin - Guadeloupe 2013 May 03, JoHo stayes in St Maarten while we worked for couple of weeks in Aruba.
april 2013 St Martin 2013 April 03, our trip to Puerto Rico and St Maarten.
maart 2013 Aruba - Puerto Rico - St Martin 2013 February 27, leaving Aruba to sail to St Maarten.
februari 2013 Aruba 2013 Februari 16, back in Aruba, prepairing JoHo for our sailing trip North.
    Aruba 2012 December 23 happy holidays.
Aruba 2012 December 09, flying back to Holland after receiving bad news.
november 2012 Aruba 2012 November 02, Prepairing JoHo for your next trip to Puerto Rico fly back to Holland.
oktober 2012 Aruba 2012 October 03, coordinating a wedding of 6 days in Aruba and start working voor SailAdventures again.
september 2012 Aruba 2012 September 08, back to Holland for a short visite
augustus 2012 Aruba 2012 August 03, living in Aruba for the season
juli 2012 Aruba 2012 July 05, arriving in Aruba, start working again
juni 2012 Aruba 2012 Juni 02, our trip from BVI to the Islands of Venezuela and ABC Islands
mei 2012 St Martin - Aruba 2012 April 30, visited the Dutch islands, enjoyed Antigua Yacht Rally and Queensday in St Maarten
april 2012 St Martin - Dutch Islands - St Kitts - Antigua - St Martin 2012 March 31, exploring the Carieb, party with old and new friends
maart 2012 Guadeloupe - St Martin 2012 February 27, in the Carieb, enjoying the French islands
februari 2012 Barbados - Guadeloupe 2012 February 01, site seeing in Surinam. Leaving for Barbados
januari 2012
Paramaribo - Barbados
2012 January 01, In Paramaribo and enjoying New Year

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