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Last update January 04 2016

JoHo is located in Lake Worth (Florida) and it is here we see Marion and Eddy from Bonaire again after five years. How time flies. We meet at the supermarket just around the corner from our anchorage.
As it rains the boat is not an option, so we find a place where we can chat quietly while enjoying a snack and drink. There is a lot to talk about, fortunately we have the whole afternoon. And as they'll come to pick us up the next day to get to watch the lighted boat parade we even have more quality time together!

The next day, Saturday, December 5th, it is raining cats and dogs again. Today is the lighted boat parade from West Palm Beach to Jupiter, but the weather throws a spanner in the works.
So plans change. Eddy and Marion pick us up in the afternoon, and then we drive to Jupiter. Here live Mitchell and Jennifer and their son, they are the friends of Eddy and Marion. Their home is a dream, it could be in one of those home magazines, perfectly beautiful.
Late afternoon we change the plan again, we go out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory in Palm Gardens. This is fairly close to our boat, but we did not even know this was in the neighborhood. At the entrance is a long row of waiting people. After a 1.5 hour wait (John and I never wait that long, we'll run off) we are finally seated. Time to eat, but first we pass the showcase with all kinds of cheesecakes, so you can figure out what you want for dessert... You cannot imagine how many kinds of cheesecakes they have.
After the main course we're actually full and we are not the only ones. We decide to go for dessert anyhow, albeit "Amerikan style". We just take it away and eat it at home :-).
It's ten o'clock when we're dropped off at our dinghy. We take a long goodbye to everyone, as we don't know when we'll see each other again.

The days after that we return to normal life on board. And it gets time to move on, only the question is Cuba or the Bahamas. We decide the weather will make our decision, untill we hear the story of Ton and Gerrie of SY Argo who pop up in the anchorage. The last time we saw each other was in Angilla in 2013.
Ton and Gerry tell us how they came from Cuba, where they had a wonderful time, but then they had to check in into America which was defenitely not so good. The first attempt was in Key West, then Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. All these ports of entry refused to check in the Argo because they came from Cuba. And we are talking about a Dutch boat here. Eventually they managed to clear in St Augustine, because it really got bad weather the officials could not dismiss them and they checked Argo eventually in.
Since we have to be back in April in the US to catch flights, we think Cuba is therefore no good option for us. Imagine we couldn't check in...

Therefore on Monday, December 14th we are ready to leave for the Bahamas. JoHo leaves Lake Worth to go to the entrance of the Palm Beach inlet. Here we anchor for a few hours until the wind has decreased some. By the end of the afternoon, just before dark we leave. We hope to be out just before the next squall to avoid the shore-following squalls.
And yes, the rain goes past us, but not the wind. As a result, the exit from the West Palm inlet into the Straits of Florida is very unpleasant with short and steep waves, making JoHo a submarine. One wave comes even through under the cockpit dodger and hits our navigation computer, miraculously it (still) remains working despite the salty water.
Once further off shore, we are treated to a great night sail with decent winds under clear skies.

After the night our first stop is at Little Grand Cay where the flying pests drive us away. The night is spent at anchor 5NM away, at Double Breasted Cays, with a whole lot less vermin in the air.
After a good nights' sleep we're off again. And the next few days we have good winds to sail to Manjack Cay. Manjack Cay is located in the northernmost part of the Abacos in the Bahamas.
Here we want to stay for Christmas.

Christmas Day we celebrate with other cruisers and the owners of Manjack Cay, Bill and Lesley. They open their home for this day and treat us on ham and turkey.
The cruisers group produces the side dishes and desserts. The food was delicious and the company of the 30 man was fun. By the time we are finished, the sun went down and it's time for the last full moon-party on the beach of the year.

On Boxing Day we go to Green Turtle. Late in the afternoon, with 8 people on the motorvessel Intermission, we head there to enjoy the festival of lights. The whole village is lit and on the basketball court, there are typical Bahamian food and drinks.
By nine o'clock the illuminated golfcar-Christmas parade passes by in 5 minutes, 5 golfcarts :-). But including Santa, Mrs. Claus and a Christmas dog mind you. Quite an experience.

On December 31st we move from Manjack to Green Turtle Cay on our own JoHo again, to celebrate New Year's Eve. From this place in the Bahamas we go into the New Year.
We hope 2016 will be as great as 2015.
We would like to thank everyone who made 2015 a great and special year for us. The hospitality was amazing again.



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