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Last update September 03 2015

It's hard to leave New York City, the city draws us like a magnet. Almost every day we bike through this great city.
After two weeks you would think that we have seen pretty much everything, but every day this city surprises us with something new. And yet we are making plans to sail back south again, we look for a good weather window. When we get one within a few days it's time to leave and sail back to Toms River.

Very early in the morning we leave our anchorage on engine, there is no moon. We pass a brightly lit Statue of Liberty and say goodbye.
One last last look at Manhattan, we see a very special city with a strong Dutch background, more than many locals even suspect. What a great time we've had. JoHo is on its way early because of the tide, outgoing or incoming makes a huge difference here and we need some speed, after all we have to sail 50 NM. At dawn JoHo enters the Atlantic Ocean and is free of the influence of the tidal current.
The weather is calm, there is a gentle breeze and with an average of 5 knots we sail to Barnegat Inlet. JoHo is faster than our planning, so we arrive with tide against at Barnegat Inlet. We crawl through the inlet like a snail, it takes an eternity before we pass the lighthouse. Time to find an anchorspot, there is one just around the first corner, a sheltered bowl where the tide has no influence on the boat, an excellent spot.

New York City at night

The next morning we leave again, the weather forecast for the coming days is not favorable for us.
We sail to Toms River where we want to stay a while. We look forward to all the friends who live here. We wil leave JoHo here the end of this month when we fly to the Netherlands for two weeks. But first, maintenance time on JoHo. John makes new covers for the dinghy and fenders, I'm busy with the hood. Sanding, cleaning and painting. In the meantime we enjoy some fun time with the group of people we have met here.

Time flies and before we know it it's already August 23rd. We leave the dinghy behind in Dave and Anna's garden and drive from Toms River to the airport in Baltimore. It is a 200 mile ride. This part of America road are quite busy we find. Luckily we left early so we were in time to return the rental car.
Now we are waiting for our flight and this time the flight is on time. We fly with WOW air to Iceland where we have a connecting flight to Amsterdam. Everything is going according to plan and late in the morning we are in a clear and sunny Netherlands. John's parents are already there to pick us up and around two o'clock we arrived at the place of destination.

The following days are marked by visits and parties. The next day we went to my dad and our house in Maasbommel and the days after parties followed.
We love to be back in the Netherlands, we will enjoy our two weeks before we fly back to our JoHo.



I finished a special photobook, about our travels 10 years JoHo's travel from 2001 to 2011.
Curious ? Then click the link.
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JoHo is at anchor in Toms River, New Jersey, USA at 39°56,2' N - 74°10,4' W.


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