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Last update May 01 2015

On April 1st, we leave Marsh Harbour. Along with cat Alleycat and cat Shiloh we go up towards Manjack. They take the shortest route which is also the shallowest. JoHo is bound to the outside, deeper waters. We agree to meet again in Manjack for the full-moon party.
We stop that night at an island just off the Whale cut. Because of the swell JoHo rolls and it is a night with little sleep.

The next morning we leave early, could not sleep. We go through the Loggerhead cut out and through the Whale cut in again. This is always a rough crossing, even without any wind, but once again in the lagoon we sail in calm waters to Green Turtle Cay. Here we'll stop for Nicky with her family before they leave tomorrow.
We just anchor and it appears that Nikki and family will leave today! So we throw out our dinghy and go to the Green Turtle marina for a very brief farewell visit. After less then an hour we walk them to the ferry and wave them off and get back in our dinghy. We are off to Manjack immediately.

In Manjack Cay we stay a few days and after one day we're reunited with Al and Marita Alleycat and John and Holli Shiloh. Together we hike on Manjack and experience the full moon party. This time, it was less fun than last time as t here were fewer musicians and the atmosphere was serious, except in our group, we had lots of fun with our group.
The 6th we move our boats to the northern Bay of Manjack. Explore with our group the Northern side of Manjack Cay and make a braai (bbq in South Africans) and a campfire in the evening. What a great evening!
The next day we sail to Powell Cay. This is an uninhabited island with hiking trails. Alleycat and Shiloh come along. Together with Holli and John we explore the island. We walk through the southern tip all around the island. Next day the whole group enjoyed the hike and we have a braai with campfire. In the afternoon we met Tom and Linda of cat Cavu. We chat some and invite them for a drink at the campfire later.

On Thursday, April 9th, we start with four boats to Allans-Pensacola cay. Shiloh has a problem with the freezer, which didn't freeze anymore and my John knows how to solve it.
Allans-Pensacola is another uninhabited island. Now we explore the island with eight, the group is growing. We run into a tree where sailors hang something personal in. Our group is going to work to make something personal too. Let's see how creative we are. We hang out a green bottle with our JoHo card inside in the tree.
In the evening we have a braai but now onboard Alleycat.
We eat, drink and sing until late in the evening.

It's almost halfway through the month when we are all together at Fox Town, a small village on Little Abaco. It's April 12 and we say goodbye to our group with a farewell drink aboard JoHo.
We had a great time with Al and Marita and John and Holli and
the newcomers Tom and Linda. But it's time to move on, though we will miss them.

On April 13th we leave Fox Town, our plans have changed a little. We will check in into the US at West Palm Beach, weather doesn't permit us to set sail North directly now. After that we will move up through the Intracoatal Waterway until we get a good weather window to sail outside toward the Chesapeake.
In small day-hops we sail to the tip of the Bahamas.
From West End (Bahamas) we sail into the Straits of Florida on April 15th to the US. The Gulfstream picks us up and we arrive at the Jupiter Inlet instead of the planned Palm Beach Inlet. We do not want to go in the Jupiter Inlet, would be too shallow according to the map. But the south wind and the Gulfstream makes it impossible to sail the 8 nm back. After 3 hours against it and 2 miles progress, we decide to go in the Jupiter inlet anyways and sail to West Palm via the ICW.
Fortunately it's gonna be high water, but the thrill remains. When we're inside, we see dredgers, they are busy and therefore it is deeper than charted on our maps. Lucky us! Once inside we sail down toward West Palm Beach.

Now we and JoHo are again officially in the US. JoHo is refueled and provisioned. The weather remains unstable, so we will go via the ICW upwards. We try to sail as much as possible despite all the drawbridges.
The only place we stay a little longer is Dragon Point, Indian Harbour.
There is Northerly wind, we have to go north and it's not nice or nescessary to go against it. We have all the time. It is still very cold in the north.
On April 26th, we were invited by Jim and Tammy, they live around this area. Tammy picks us up by car. Once in their home Jim greets us with a conch-serenade and he is busy with a barbecue, what a surprise. Ribs, roasted potatoes and delicious grilled vegetables. After dinner the men get rowdy, the testeronlevel is high when Jim arrives with his arms and even John could not resist testing it. Hilarious. John has never seen a gun before, now he has the largest handgun available in his hand. Jim has a .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry, ed.). It was super fun.

It is the end of April and JoHo is in Titusville waiting again for beter weather. Let's hope that next month we'll get us some good winds. Hopefully we end up in another state of the US.



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