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Last update September 08 2012.

The beginning of the month of August began with tropical storm Ernesto. The predictions were that this storm would become a hurricane later on and according to all major authorities the path of the storm ran between the Dominican Republic and the ABC Islands. So the first weekend of August, we went to JoHo to keep an eye on events.
When we arrived we saw JoHo stern to the land, we were pleased that we put JoHo on both mooring and anchor. The temperature rose as there was totally no wind and humidity was high. The Windchill was around 38C, yuck.
We took a book and stayed in our cockpit, lots of drinks. We got some wind in the evening and on Sunday it started to blow serious. JoHo is safe between the mangroves, so Ernesto passed without doing any damage.

After Ernesto I've been very busy with an event for september, but on Thursday August 23rd we flew back to the Netherlands for a couple of days. Our feeling was double, we looked forward to go to the Netherlands but on the other hand tropical storm Isaac was coming. Before we went to the airport we made a quick stop to look at our boat. JoHo was again with her stern to land. John and Caspar briefly checked the lines, then it was time to go and Caspar dropped us off at the airport.
Our plane trip made a stop-over on Bonaire where we stood an hour on the runway before continuing our trip. At our arrival in the Netherlands, John's parents were waiting for us as they always do. They took us home to Rosmalen.

It was a crazy, busy week. First the reunion with my parents, I didn't see them in almost a year. We had a lot to catch up on.
Then on Sunday August 26th we celebrated Leo's birthday with a party. Almost the entire family was there that day. Nice to see all family and friends again, we stayed very late.
Furthermore, we had some business at our house. The heater was broken and we had to arrange a replacement before we left. After an inspection of our house we found some things that needed repair as well, so we fixed up the house a bit. The garden is a different story. We might have to do something about that when we come back I guess.

The time was short in Holland and we tried to visit a lot of friends, acquaintances and family. Sometimes it was a short visit, as with my old friend Monique, another time we stayed a little longer. In special cases we stayed for diner, at Sheila, Marc and the kids and we enjoyed a balmy summer evening with Karin.
The evening before our departure we went for a family diner to Lin and Lex and gone were the nine days again. We were back in the plane to Aruba before we knew it.

I finished a special photobook, about our travels 10 years JoHo's travel from 2001 to 2011.
Are you curious, then click the link.

If you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES or BONAIRE have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
You can always mail us for more info on these cruising grounds or cruising in general, we'll gladly help you out.


Current position

JoHo is at anchor in Cas di Paloma, Aruba at 12°29,6' N - 70°00,9' W.


Sailing the Caribbean and meanwhile JoHo will be our main address, floating office and home for the remainder of this year.
e have some assignments in between where and when possible, we may also compile a few cruising guides on our way.

John and Jolanda