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Last update August 03 2012.

Living on land is totally different then on the boat. Despite us living in a luxury apartment I missed our JoHo this month. Due to circumstances we went only one hour in the weekends to our boat, but it's really nice to be in the 'working classes' again. Only minus, no wind through your hair, no sunshine on your skin. The work is a challenge though and I'm having 3 projects now. The same applies to John who has had many a long day working last month. I only saw John when we went to bed, very weird after living together for 24 hours a day.

We enriched our lives with a guest in this period of 19 days. Dushi was the dog that stayed over in this period, a sweet little Cocker Spaniel of 7 years. I liked the walking we did every day together over the Golf Resort and once every three days we went under the shower together. We also went to our boat with Dushi, if only for a check up of an hour. She disliked the car but the ride with our dinghy from the dockside to JoHo was a different story. Scared in the beginning, staying close against you, on the bow later, ears danglin' in the wind. Walking on JoHo was a different experience for her, after a while she really seemed to liked it though.
She walked on the deck but didn't come inside JoHo. It was really fun with Dushi and now she is back to her boss life is very quiet. Fortunately I still see her regularly.

Oranjestad, Aruba

We still have not visited many a thing on Aruba in the last two months but that will change in time. We only saw the Marriott and a place called cafe 080. This cafe sells many products from Holland, croquette sandwiches, all kinds of fries and much more of those fat Dutch treats (bad but jummy). Furthermore, this cafe is owned by people from my hometown, Nijmegen in Holland!! Everything is decorated with typical pictures and goodies from Nijmegen. That's very funny because we came here by chance.

In august go to Holland for a short week. We will fly from Aruba with a stop-over in Bonaire to Amsterdam. We look forward to see our family and friends again. It is almost a year ago that we've been in the Netherlands, about time I say.
For the coming weeks we will try to work on our boat. Yes, I know we tried last month, but too busy with other things. Among others I needed time to finish a special photobook, about our travels 10 years JoHo's travel from 2001 to 2011. Are you curious, then click on the link. Our parents got it as a gift in hard-copy.

If you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES or BONAIRE have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
You can always mail us for more info on these cruising grounds or cruising in general, we'll gladly help you out.


Current position

JoHo is at anchor in Cas di Paloma, Aruba at 12°29,6' N - 70°00,9' W.


Sailing the Caribbean and meanwhile JoHo will be our main address, floating office and home for the remainder of this year.
e have some assignments in between where and when possible, we may also compile a few cruising guides on our way.

John and Jolanda