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Last update July 05 2012.

We arrived in Aruba at Barcadera. Our first encounter was with the officials and they gave us a hard time. We didn't feel very welcome. At all. We were happy that we could leave and find us an anchorspot. For the hurricane season we will stay here, at least that's the idea, around the ABC Islands. What we're gonna to do after that we don't know yet.
From Monday till Friday we will stay on land at Tierra del Sol Resort, Spa and Country Club and in the weekends we go to JoHo who is waiting for us on a mooring we created ourselves. So JoHo is safe on her anchorage. The making of this mooring was hard labour, with help from the owner of the dinghy dock we put a 200 kg concrete block extended with extra weight and iron bars into the water, so the mooring cannot shift. It gives us a safe feeling.

Natural Bridge on Aruba

We enjoying life at Tierra del Sol Resort in Aruba, where John does a consultancy job. We experience the luxery of this beautiful golf resort. Our appartement is magnificent, beautifully decorated and equipped with all the luxury you can possibly ask for. I don't have to cook because we eat at Ventanas del Mar with its breathtaking views over the golf course, California lighthouse and rugged North sea side. Furthermore there is the Spa and we've already had a massage. It feels like holiday.
In the weekends we go to JoHo and our boat gets all attention. JoHo needs maintenance. First we will do the inside, cleaning, sanding and some brush-up painting. Busy, busy, busy.
If we have some free time left we will do some site-seeing on Aruba.

In the last week of June we visited the rugged side of Aruba. With our small Suzuki we drove over unpaved roads and deep pits, sometimes with sand, a real adventure. We stopped at different Boka's and natural bridges. We loved this wild part of Aruba. We came back entirely dust covered. Next time we'll explore the beaches.
We'll keep you informed of our goings, by twitter, facebook or this site.

If you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES or BONAIRE have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
You can always mail us for more info on these cruising grounds or cruising in general, we'll gladly help you out.


Current position

JoHo is at anchor in Cas di Paloma, Aruba at 12°29,6' N - 70°00,9' W.


Sailing the Caribbean and meanwhile JoHo will be our main address, floating office and home for the remainder of this year.
e have some assignments in between where and when possible, we may also compile a few cruising guides on our way.

John and Jolanda